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Valentines Day Singing Telegrams in Atlanta
Valentines Day Singing Telegrams in Atlanta

Singing Telegrams are perfect surprises for Valentines Day. Create your own classic romance this Valentines Day with a Singing Telegram from Eastern Onion.

Pre-book your Valentines Day Singing Telegram by Feb. 1 and receive a Candy Heart for FREE to give to your Valentine

More Images to Come!

Love Goddess -  Love Angel - Love Slave
Red Hot Marilyn -

AND for those who are a little BITTER on Valentines:

Donkey: Don't be an ASS
Broken Heart Cupid: He Brings Smashed Chocolate Heart and Wilted Flowers

OR  for those who some how forgot Valentines:

Donkey: Sorry, I was an ass and forgot Valentines Day

Alligator: I’d snap at the chance to be your valentine.
Alligator: You’ve got me eating out of your hands
Astronaut : You are out of this world / my heart soars for you
Astronaut: You’re out of this world
Bear :  Can’t bear to be without you
Bear: I can’t bear to be without you on valentines
Bear: I love you BEARY much
Bear: I’m BEARY happy to have you as a friend
Bear: Let me be your teddy bear
Bear: Life is more bearable with you in it
Bear: Will you be my honey bear
Bear: You make my life more bearable
Bear: You’re BEARY special
Bear: You’re my BEARY best friend
Bear: You’re the BEARY best
Bee: Bee my honey
Bee: Ill bee there for you.
Bee: Won’t you bee my valentine
Bees : Bee mine / You are the bees knees
Bunny: Some bunny loves you
Bunny: Wishing you Hoppy-ness on Valentines
Cat : You’re the cat’s meow
Cat: You are Purrrfect
Cat: You’re PURR-fect for me.
Cat: You’re purrr-fect to me
Chicken: Eggin you on the be my chick
Chicken: I can’t stop chicken you out
Chicken: I was going to ask you to be my valentine but I’m too chicken
Chicken: You aint no spring chicken, but I love you anyway
Chicken: You’re my love bird
Chipmunk: I’m nuts about you
Chipmunk: You drive me nuts
Clown: My funny valentine
Cow: You MOOve me
Cowboy: Glad to have you as my pardner
Cyberking – Let’s Assimilate
Doctor/Nuse:: My heat beats for you
Doctor: Dr. Love to treat your love sick heart
Dog: I Ruff you
Dog: You’re DOGGONE cute!
Dog; Smoochie the poochie
Gorilla: I’m Ape for you
Gorilla: I’m Bannas for you
Gorilla: I’m hanging around to be your Valentine
Gorilla: I’m WILD about you, Valentine.
Gorilla: Wild thing, you make my heart sing
Gorilla: You drive me bananas
Gorilla: You drive me WILD.
Hot Dog : Frankly, I like you
Hot Dog: Frankly speaking, I love you
Hot Dog: You’re the only weiner for my bun
Jedi: A long time ago in a galaxy far far away I found the one I was looking for
Ladybug: I’m bugging for you
Lion : I ain’t lion when I say I love you
Lion: I like Lion around with you
Lion: I love you and I aint’ lion
Lion: You’re adorable, and I ain’t LION.
Mexican Bandito - You’re the Juan
Pirate : You Arrrrrr Wonderful
Superhero: Have a web slinging day
Superhero: I think you're super
Superhero: You’re my hero, Valentine.
Tiger : You are grrrrreat
Tiger: For a tigerrrific person
Trooper: Don’t close the blast doors to your heart
Wookie: I’d rather kiss a wookie than lose you.
Yellow Friendion: I one in a minion
Yellow Friendion: I would pick you a Minion times

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